Monday, May 23, 2011

friends alphabet

A = accepts you as you are
B = believes in you
C = calls you just to say HI
D = doesn't give up on you
E = envisions the whole of you
F = forgives your mistakes
G = gives unconditionally
H = helps you
I = invites you over
J = just likes to be with you
K = keeps you close at heart
L = love you for who you are
M = makes a difference in your life
N = never judges you
O = offers support
P = picks you up when you are down
Q = quiets your tear
R = respects you
S = says nice things about you when you need to hear it
T = talk good thing about you
U = understand you
V = values you
W = walks beside you
Y = yells when you need to listen
Z = zaps you back to reality